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Why Should I Use an Auto Transport Broker to Move My Car? by AA Car Transport

There are different types of automobile transporters such as dependable auto shippers, car transport companies, and auto transport brokers. To start with, it is important that you know that 99% of truck drivers and car transport companies are independent transporters maintaining only one truck live on the road. They do not have a sales office or dispatch to go to for traceability.

With an Auto Transport Broker, you receive service through a third person or middle man that links you to the carrier. This carrier can be an dependable auto shippers or a auto transport company. They will also serve as your carrier head hunter or transport travel agent who will make sure that you get the best deal for your car transport. Basically, the main responsibility of an auto or car transport broker is to find you a legal carrier or car transport company that can handle the actual vehicle transport as safely and as less expensive as possible. Auto transport brokers have the database of a lot of carriers to choose from and they have the ability to screen out bad services from those good ones with up-to-date federal insurance and licenses. Since brokers maintain a relationship with carriers, they can keep track of most routes and keep you updated of the progress of the transport.

Why Should I Use Broker to Ship My Car?

Safety and Protection. There are many reasons why you should use a broker to transport your vehicle from one place to another, not only to facilitate your moving but to guarantee protection and proper care of your vehicle while in progress. Therefore the first and most important reason why you should use a broker to transport your car is for safety and protection. Auto brokers and drivers/carriers work through the same board. Brokers can ensure that the carriers they are dealing with not only have complete license and insurance paper work, but they make sure that it is up-to-date with the federal standards. The broker can dig into the finest details too, as far as driver and truck license mc numbers and dot numbers. This information will help assure you as a customer that your vehicle is being safely handled by professional drivers and carriers.

Best Price Deal. Another important reason why you should consider using a broker to transport your car is to get the best price available. Most drivers like to have “done deals” and will not waste time on the phone to try to make a “sale” or bargain with customers on prices, especially when they’re on the road. Brokers maintain a list of credible drivers and carriers along with complete information as to how much they are charging to move a particular type of car. They can also adjust estimates based on current market conditions. This will help you save on your expenses, especially if you are working on a budget.

Alternative Carriers. As you may know and may have experienced, every trip presents mishaps you do not count with and this may cause delays or unwanted events. For example, no matter how much you may plan a trip and an estimated delivery, if weather conditions while crossing from border to border are not promising, there could be delays in the delivery time. This is another good reason to get a broker; besides getting you the best price deals for car transport, brokers have access to alternative carriers in the event something happens with the carrier you booked.  There can be a lot of things that can happen on the road, an accident, a flat tire, a traffic delay, etc. When booked with a broker, they can help you send a replacement driver or carrier to successfully finish your transport.

Less Hassle. The last thing you want to worry about while relocating or moving from place to place is paper work. All you want is to be able to relocate as easily as possible and not worry about anything else to continue your life normally. This is why, the ultimate reason why you should use a broker to transport your car is for the easy processing and less hassle in transporting your car. Brokers are familiar with the process already and have paper work ready to go.

In the end, brokers will facilitate the complete transporting process for you, from making sure the driver and carrier you are using have proper and up to date documentation, to have accurate pick up and delivery time, to providing safety and proper care to your vehicle, to providing easy and hassle free paper work.  Let the professionals help with your auto transport needs, call us today (800) 516-3440 or fill out Get a Quote to get free no obligation quote.

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