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AA Car Transport Planning Guide

Planning Guide

The same as when you are preparing for a trip and create a check list to
make sure you have done and are taking all you need in order to travel worry
free; car transport requires a check list in order to ensure a hassle and
stress free experience. Many people have the wrong idea and expect their car
transport company to take care of all details. Don’t get us wrong, as a car
transporter we do gout our ways in order to accommodate and make sure each car
is safe and ready to be shipped; however there are some details we recommend
you, our customer, to take care of.  Not only to ensure the smooth ride, but
for your record, in case insurance companies need to be later involved.
Go over this simple and easy check list we have created to help our customers
prepare their vehicles for the trip.



We like to think of our customers cars as if they were our own; therefore we
not only treat them as such, but think of them as people.  It might be silly but
we encourage our customers to also see their vehicles as such. We recommend
having your car fully inspected by a certified mechanic and do and overall check
of engine, tires, fluids and brakes. We understand some of our customers can do
it themselves, however it is the same as self prescribing when you feel sick. It
is better to get a professional opinion before having to take care a bigger
problem later. Later on when car is delivered and car presents a leak and tire
wear, you will be able to identify immediately as you know in what state car was
in before shipping. Also if all of sudden car starts leaking along the way, for
security reasons drivers are obliged to unload car and storage and other
transportation services will be covered by customer. If for some reason this
leakage wrecked another car’s paint, you will also be responsible for this car.


As well as having a certified mechanic review the car, it’s important you
review the car as well for scratches, dents, and any other type of marks. Take
pictures of the inside and outside of car in detail. This will help compare
once car is delivered and check for new lines, scratches and dents. You may
find it tedious and pointless now, but once scratches occur, these pictures
will be your proof for insurance purposes.


Don’t assume that because it is a car transporter taking your car from one
point to another, insurance is part of the package as well. Make sure the
carrier you are using provides full insurance for your car in case of any loss
or damage along the way. Request a copy of insurance for your records and as
proof that this company will respond for you not only when charging your card
but when they scratch your car as well.


Check with your carrier what other regulations they have in order to
transport a car. Some companies require that the gas tank be only half tank full
or even one quarter full to eliminate extra weight on carrier. Also ask if
you’re allowed to take personal belongings in car as each carrier has different
policies. In the case they do, ask how much, what type of items and if these are
covered by the insurance. Finally safely secure or remove equipment aside from
the car’s original state. Custom made modifications, ornaments, antennas or fog
lights usually need to be removed from vehicle. Check with your carrier what are
their policies regarding these items.

Mark off each item as you go to ease up the preparation process. It will
only take you a small amount time to revise your car deeply and follow this
check list compared to the amount of time you will lose in case any mishap
happens along the way and your car is affected. These simple steps will help you
avoid inconveniences, save a lot of time and most importantly help you save a
lot of money.

We hope our planning guide suggestions have been helpful. At AA Car Transport,
we strive to offer the best in customer service. If you have further questions:

You can call
(800) 516- 3440

or fill out our online
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