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Golden rules to avoid car transport scam

Golden rules to avoid car transport scam

Day after day we get calls from customers saying their car was never picked up on the scheduled pickup date, or that the car transport company they hired changed the price at the pickup date. On the following article we will try to cover some simple steps which will help you choose the right car transport company and avoid scams!

  1.      Finding a reliable Car Transport company.
  2.      Check who you pay before you sign and pay deposit.
  3.      Don’t pay until you get driver’s information.
  4.      Don’t do double booking.

1). Finding a reliable Car Transport Company: when you look online for a car transport company, most likely you will see tempting ads offering you to submit your private information and get five, seven or ten instant quotes so you can compare prices! This is the first mistake!!! Your info will be sold to few transport companies that will compete for your business. When the sales rep gives you a low-ball bid 25% less than all other offers, STAY AWAY! They will take a NON REFUNDABLE deposit and raise the price at the date of the scheduled move!! Your best option is to go on Google and type in “car transport” and find a car transport company and not a LEAD company.

2). Check who you pay before you sign and pay deposit: You got a quote, now the rep. asks you to sign a contract and pay initial deposit; before you sign and pay, check the company history and licenses.

3). Don’t pay until you get driver’s information: When sales rep asks for the deposit, DEMAND to get the driver’s info and estimate pickup date. Companies that  ask for a deposit before they have a driver most likely will call a day before or the very same date with some story and will ask for more money to move the car or they would have to cancel the contract and keep the NON REFUNDABLE  deposit!

4). Don’t do double booking: Central Dispatch (drivers and brokers board) works like an auction; each company offers more to get a driver. When drivers see the same car on the board with 2 different companies they know there is fight going on for this job so most likely they simply hold on and let the brokers fight for it and see how they keep raising the price (which you have to pay) and pickup the job at the last moment when the best price is offered. Stop shopping around when you are booked! This will only cost you more.

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Golden Rules To Avoid Car Transport Scam

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