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There are various factors that must be taken in account when shipping a pickup truck as these are not your average midsize sedans. They require bigger spaces and more accommodations in order to be safely transported. All these things in consequence hit a higher price quote for customers. Read along the next article to see the basic factors that affect prices to ship a pickup truck.

The first affordable car was created by Henry Ford and it was called the Ford T Model. In the car world, this is the origin of where all pickup trucks come from today. Back in 1908, the Ford T Model was created to put America’s middle class on wheels and offer transportation that could be afforded not only by high society, but also for middle class society, which are the majority of us today. Now, obviously, with time and technology, the price you would have paid for an affordable car back then is not even close to the monthly payment you would do for a car today.  Regardless of the price issue, pickups have been one of America’s favorite and most desired transportation methods, due to this, millions of pickup trucks are shipped throughout the United States on a yearly basis. Although they are very common, transporting them requires extra accommodations that will cost you extra bucks.

How much does it cost to ship a pickup truck

How much does it cost to ship a pickup truck

These are some of the main factors that affect the price to get your American beauty delivered to the door of your house.

Location. In order to ship a pickup truck location is key and one of the most important factors, due to the size of the pickup. Usually pickup trucks, no matter what model they are, are large cars that need enough room to be loaded. Drivers usually need to fit in these large cars first in their carriers in order to accommodate all cars properly for the ride. If this is the case, cars that were previously loaded must be unloaded and this requires a whole lot of space. Make sure you are located in an open area where truck can turn, unload and load with no obstacles. It is very important to plan ahead in order to meet the driver in your closest open area. Also where you are located in reference to the main route can also affect price, as drivers have to go out their usual ways in order to pickup. Remember, they are not driving a 2 axle car that can turn and park wherever there is an empty space, they drive big haulers with up to 18 axles that are over the limit weight for most streets and can’t do narrow turns.

3M’s: Make, Model, Modifications. Pickup trucks are already large size vehicles and for this a higher fee must be paid as they occupy larger spaces in carriers and drivers can take fewer cars, however they run the same routes so they must cover for all their expenses. Unlike regular cars, each pickup truck is very unique and it will be hard to find 2 identical pickups in the market. There are different things that can be changed and modified such as short beds, long beds, suicide doors, 4 door, lift kits, duallies, low clearance, wide cabins, tall cabins, and so on. There is no problem, you can modify your car as much as you want until you finally get the car you want, however to ship it, accommodating standard size carriers to your car will cost extra money.

Prepare in advance. Flexibility is a key factor as well in order to get good rates. Last minute arrangements have to be pumped up in order to make it appealing for drivers that are ready to go make an extra stop or even cancel a load to take yours. Remember these are big cars and most drivers plan around the size of these cars to fit their other loads. Planning in advance will get you better rates as they are just putting their routes together.

Gas Prices. Gas prices affect absolutely everybody that owns a car, whether it is a small 2 door coupe or a large 16 people bus. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the vehicle the more strength the engine needs to pull it, and what gives power to the engine: gas. Drivers have to cover for their routes and make sure they will have enough to deliver and come back if necessary. Depending on how high the gas prices are, quotes will be estimated as well. The bigger the car the more weight it has. The heavier it is, the more power it needs to carry it. The more power it needs, the more gas it will consume faster. Simple huh?

Distance. Depending how far away you are located between both points, the prices will go higher or lower. Prices are calculated by the mileage, the longer the distance, the higher the prices will go, as drivers must cover for more expenses. Drivers run approximately 400 -500 miles per day and most distances are longer, therefore drivers must plan for lodging expenses, food and other things along the way.

Make sure you plan your vehicle transport with time and consider all these factors so that once you call for an estimate you are not taken by surprise, however don’t be taken advantage of by ridiculously high prices or fooled by extremely low ones. Remember, bottom line you get what you pay for, if you pay the right price you can expect right things, if not, assume the consequences.


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