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How a Broker Protects YOU! – by AA Car Transport

How a Broker Protects YOU!

How a Broker Protects YOU!

Car Transport is not only about the physical movement of a car from one point to the other and providing as much details as possible. Many customers who use brokers are usually very skeptical at the beginning and sometimes are not even capable to go through their booking with one. Truth is brokers are your best bet for car transport as they manage all the details for you and serve as your communication channel with the drivers. Actually, most car transport companies are brokers as most drivers cannot deal with customers directly as they are most of the time on the road; it is hard for them to schedule routes and paperwork with clients, therefore they use brokers as well to get their jobs.

Our job as a broker is not only to get you the best deals and best drivers to fit your schedules and needs, but it also is to put you in the hands of trustworthy hands that will handle your car and transportation with the importance and delicacy it needs. In order to protect you from any driver-customer issue we make sure clear contracts are signed and agreed to before any transportation is provided to make sure both customers and drivers abide by the rules to provide a fair and satisfactory experience for both, most importantly for you.

Part of our contract with drivers to show the commitment towards our mutual customers states that once job is accepted and car is picked up, driver cannot expect nor demand more than what is offered, this means once terms of job offered is accepted and picked up, driver has no right to change the terms.

We recently went through a not so pleasant experience with one of our network drivers and one of our bookings. As mentioned before in past posts, flexibility is the key to great prices, it has the high risk of not having your car delivered immediately but it guarantees the best price in the market. We had a customer that transports her car with us every 6 months from north to south and then from south to north once winter season is over, she’s what we call in the business a snowbird. She was ready to ship her vehicle with us once again and as always she did it with enough time and advance and had great flexibility only this time she had a budget and the car might need a jump start when picked up.

With the great advantage of having time in our hands, her having a budget was not an issue, booking her transportation was not a hassle. We had a driver that called us every couple days to get the car, only he was asking for a higher pay due to the jump start issue, we presented this possibility with our customer, but customer firmly confirmed she had a budget. We understood that and turned down the driver. However, this driver kept insisting in this car as it was his last piece in order to make it down south for the season and without it he couldn’t make the trip. Still requesting a higher pay, we understood his point, however had to turn him down once again as the higher pay was not a possibility.

How a Broker Protects YOU!

After a week of calling to check in for the car the driver finally accepted to take a couple bucks off his price and take the car. We provided him all the details about the car and reminded him once again about the jump start issue. Everything was understood and good to go; driver accepted the job and pickup was scheduled. The day of the pickup went smoothly, we did not hear from the driver; however saw his update on our board that the car was picked up.

A couple days later we received a call from the driver who was close to delivering the car, what we thought was a normal update call, turned out to be a rude demand that violated our service agreement. Due to the fact the driver had to jump start the car and because the heavy the weather conditions caused extra hassle to the driver during pickup, he was calling to demand a higher pay or car would be hold hostage at storage. We were amazed at the audacity of the driver and his demands and reminded him of the service contract he agreed to by taking this car, seeing he couldn’t get nowhere with us, he decided to threaten us with going to his lawyer. With great pleasure we recommended he did and to take the agreement with him so that his lawyer could advice him well before facing a lawsuit not only from us but the customer for holding car hostage and breaching his contract.

After a couple hours, the driver called us back still with a rude attitude and with lawyer on a three way so he could listen to all the call. We had no problem and reminded him again of the service contract he agreed to. We even read him the agreement point by point to help him remember what he agreed to. The lawyer had no better suggestion to him than to deliver the car and move on, or he would have to face more serious problems than a couple bucks less of his pay.

As per our service agreement with drivers:

“Carrier is not allowed to charge customer with any additional fees once signing and agreeing with the dispatch sheet.”

“Carrier will not load a vehicle or hold it hostage if customer did not agreed in writing to the new rate.”

And as loyalty to our customers, we make sure these points are done to protect the customer and fulfill his high expectations or our car transport services.

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