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Thank you so much for all your help in shipping my boss's BMW. He was happy to receive his car in CA with no hassle or scratch! Thank you thank you!!

«AA Car Transport Service: We value our customer’s needs» – It’s not only a slogan, it’s how we really work. 

Georgia Fontana (names and places have been modified to protect the person’s identity) had been having some problems with her abusive husband and could not take it anymore. She finally decided to run away, only he didn’t let her take anything, therefore she had to do things fast and with as little as possible.

She called in last week to request a car towing. Our agent Bobby answered the phone and as policy, followed the usual script asking where the car was, where it was going, what kind of car it was and if it was an emergency. Georgia seemed very nervous and talked very fast, this seemed a little odd to Bobby so he interrogated a little more. After talking with her for a little bit, Bobby learned she was finally running away from her abusive husband and needed someone to take the car from him as discreet as possible, so he couldn’t find her.

Georgia didn’t want to provide her address in order to avoid any information leak that may give her away to her husband, therefore we had to think outside the box and act differently. Georgia’s husband had threatened her that if she didn’t take the car immediately, he would torch it and this was her only transportation. The car was overheating for the past couple weeks and Georgia couldn’t drive it to run away so she left it there, now she needed us to help her out.

We offered the solution to tow the car to a car shop in order to get it fixed and from there to a location provided by her, Georgia agreed and we started the process. In no time we had a towing truck loading car ready to transport to the shop. We gave as little information to driver as possible; only pick up address and drop of location. We had Georgia pay us the full amount for repairs in order to have the car released to our driver with no problem. This way there would be no payment from her directly and she wouldn’t be traced by her husband. After 3 days we had car picked up from the shop and taken to the address she provided us. At no moment we gave out her information, not even her name to protect her identity.

Thankfully there was no bad encounters and the car transport service ran smoothly. We at AA Car Transport are glad we were able to help her out by looking above the screen and going over the usual protocol. Now Georgia will be able to live her life freely with no abusive man repressing her every day. We wish the best of luck to her!


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Thank you so much for all your help in shipping my boss's BMW. He was happy to receive his car in CA with no hassle or scratch! Thank you thank you!!