Helpful Tips To Keep Your Car Safe – By AA Car Transport

As a car transport broker, our job is to connect our customers to the most reliable carrier making sure each car gets delivered on time and in a good condition.

We decided to take it a step forward and also provide helpful tips to keep your car safe and along the way improve your lifestyle.

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Car Safe

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Car Safe

We’re not just another car transport broker chasing after your money; our goal is to provide an exceptional vehicle transport service as well as outstanding customer service, as sharing information can be done by anyone.

We’ve made a list of tips we have gathered along our experience and knowledge in order to keep the environment and save some $$$ on gas at the same time.

Read along, if you’re not yet applying this tips, it may help you start to change your lifestyle and you will start to see the incredible rewards just like we have!

  • A frequent automobile maintenance not only guarantees your safety, but also helps protect the environment rewarding you with more $$$ in your pocket!
  • Drive Safely.  This  will not only keep you from unnecessary traffic tickets, but it will also help you save money on the long term as the way you drive has lot to do with gas economy.  When you drive according to the speed limit vs racing on the road, not only you save gas, you also save on tires and engine wear and tear. The less you step on your accelerator and breaks the better and longer they maintain as you’re not constantly putting restrain on them.
  • Plan your route. Combine a few errands together or plan ahead your route. Technology now offers such great features that you can even check traffic and delays before putting the keys in the ignition. Choose the best routes marking all the stops you need to make and attempt to do them all at once. This will reduce unnecessary miles and gas.
  • No Junk in the Trunk. Unfortunately it has become a reality, for most of us; our cars have become our second home due to long driving distances from home to work or simply due to heavy traffic. We spend more time sitting in a car than actually doing other activities such as sitting home watching television, going out to dinner, working out and such activities. Due to this we have found the unnecessary necessity to fill up the car with all types of things in order to accommodate ourselves while we wait on the light to turn and traffic to move. Leave only the essential items that belong to the car or can be used in an emergency. With time, all though you find it as a need at first, eventually you will turn your car into a junk yard. You may not see at first, but this will add little by little weight to your car, and a heavy weight car «eats’” more gas.
  • Clean all Air Filters. This request is not only to guarantee clean air to breath inside your car or your engine, but it will also prevent to force your car to generate more power in order to so. People that live in hot and humid areas such as Florida, should keep their air filters clean and check them constantly as AC here is a must and a dirty filter will prevent them from having a cool and comfortable ride. Also keeping your vehicle tuned up with clean air filters will reduce the pollution coming out of your car and increase the MPG (mile per gallon).
  • Keep your Car In Style. We like to make the analogy that cars are just like shoes. Having clean, new and comfortable shoes is basic for any person in order to walk and move properly through their daily tasks, it works the same for your car. Make sure your tires are inflated properly based on the owner’s manual as bad tires not only makes the engine work harder, but will also avoid unfortunate accidents.
  • Half Full Not Empty and Sealed.  We’ve heard it million times, it’s always better to have a glass half full than have a glass half empty. It is recommended you always keep your gas tank above half, and if goes down, refill once it gets to a quarter tank. Believe it or not this helps the way the car intakes gas and helps your engine function more efficiently, in that matter the whole car. Also take an extra few seconds to double check your gas cap and make sure it is sealed properly before leaving the gas station. Fill your car with gas and keep it always above the half tank.


These are small and very easy tips that will show you savings and a better lifestyle little by little. More importantly these effortless changes will help keep our environment from deteriorating.

We encourage all of our customers and carriers to help us keep the environment and drive safely, as a small change from everyone will turn into a big change for all. Remember, we only have one planet!



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