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  • NYC’s Rotten Apple: Tolls
  • Expensive Snowfalls
  • Magic City High Demand
  • La-la Land’s Entertaining Prices
  • Apples for Stars
  • Blowing Cars into Chicago
  • Turning Apples to Emeralds and Back


Every metropolis in the US has a different car transport scenario; shipping in and shipping out from same locations entitle different prices as they are affected by different factors. Read along as we analyze transport service in New York City to and from six different points.


New York City is not only considered the capital of the world because of its great tourism, business mecca and luxury; but also for its fast paced life style and fast growing population. Every year, hundreds of people move into the big apple to get a taste of this unique city and be part of this speedy movement. Walking distances, hotdogs in every corner, amazing cuisine from all over the world and exciting night life are more than enough factors to attract people not only from other points in the US but from all over the world. Due to this, car transport is a very common service that has current and newly “New Yorkers” moving their cars from point to point.

Car Transport Service to and from NY

Car Transport Service to and from NY


NYC’s Rotten Apple: Tolls

Although shipping to and from the island of New York City is very common, there is one main factor that makes these routes from $50 to $100 more expensive: tolls. Unfortunately, to get in and out of this mecca, you must pass through bridges in order to transport your vehicle, and to pass by these, there’s a high fee to be paid. Tolls may not seem of great importance to a regular driver with a regular mid-size sedan, maybe the fee won’t pass a few dollars. For an 18 wheeler, paying tolls can be the decision whether to take a job or not.

Large car haulers are charged differently depending on the amount of axles they have, their weight and amount of cars they have loaded, and remember, it’s a round trip. Fees con start from $50 to $125 for a one way trip to drop off a car in the city or to pick up. This is an important factor that has to be taken in account when shipping to and from the world’s capital.


Expensive Snowfalls

Another big factor that affects NYC’s car transport service is the harsh winters. Due to this, many roads are very risky to be on and possibly even shut down for traffic until they are cleared up. This delays driver’s schedules, therefore, delays the customer’s schedules and this gives room for misunderstandings and disagreements between customers and car transport companies. Drivers try their best to stick to their times and make it into each pickup and delivery on time, but weather can be very tricky and cause many inconvenients.

This allows prices to go higher as conditions call for more maintenance for trucks, insurance policies go higher due to accidents on roads, and heavy snowfalls delay drivers causing more expenses. High prices must be offered to drivers in order to cover for this entire ordeal. If a price is set too low, drivers simply will not take it. The risk is too high and the amount is not enough to cover in case of an inconvenient.

Although snow is a very big inconvenient, it’s also a big advantage as this is the main reason why car transport is so popular in the area: snowbirds. Many people flee the winter down to southern states, causing big demand for the service. The same way, once winter is over, snowbirds flee back north to enjoy their summer.


Magic City High Demand

Florida has always been a popular destination to ship cars to and from and NYC falls close behind. Miami is one of the most popular destinations for snowbirds running away from winter conditions. This route is always transited and driver availability is very high. The disadvantage of this route is winter therefore,   shipping from NYC has higher demand than shipping into NYC and prices vary greatly. Shipping out of the big apple into magic city during winter season can very well give you a $0.70 per mile, however shipping back can go down to $0.55 per mile. This difference is mainly because of demand, also driver availability is lower from Miami to NYC and this doesn’t allow prices to escalate much.

The story changes once spring starts to kick in as snowbirds are looking to leave their South Beach paradise back to their Manhattan penthouse. When winter season starts to drop, demand to go north goes up the same as prices. Prices from Miami to NYC start rising up to $.60 per mile and prices to ship south start to lower to about the same price. Once summer kicks in, both shipping ways get higher demand and prices set at about $0.65 to $0.75 per mile.

Fall is a different story, after summer craziness is over, car transport demand starts to shift again, as snowbirds are getting ready for winter once again and prices to ship south to Miami stay the same while prices to ship north to NYC start to lower to $0.50 per mile.


La-la Land’s Entertaining Prices

Cross-country trips have been drivers all time favorites because of the high pay, regardless of the long trip and higher risks on the road. One of the biggest disadvantages of this route is the harsh weather conditions that affect northern states. A trip from NYC to Los Angeles and back during winter is bound to many inconvenients from delays to accidents.  In order to make this trip worthwhile, prices must be set properly to have drivers interested and take your car quickly.

On the other side one of the advantages of this trip is that prices maintain at pretty much the same throughout the whole year either way, the only difference is during spring as many drivers travel east during winter to serve the busy route of snowbirds on the east coast; once spring kicks in, drivers return west to their usual routes. Also transport demand from the east coast to west is higher during spring and prices to ship from NYC to L.A. are higher than shipping back.

Now breaking it down to rate per mile, throughout the year prices to ship from and to NYC from Los Angeles start at $0.45 to $0.50; during spring time, traveling west to L.A. prices can raise up to $0.55 per mile. This is about $150 – $200 more than traveling east to the big apple. Planning with time and having flexibility are a huge plus to getting the best price for this trip.

Car Transport Service to and from NY

Car Transport Service to and from NY


Apples for Stars

Texas is one of car transport’s favorite destination as it sits through the middle of most major routes, it has ports and major car traffic; car transport services are in great demand in this state. However, it is easier to get in, than to get out, therefore prices to ship to Texas are higher than prices to ship out. Shipping from the big apple into Texas is one of the most common routes, many people look to ship to the ports, dealers, private buyers, and auctions. Although shipping out of Texas is less expensive and harder, it doesn’t mean it’s not as popular for the same reasons.

Two of the main points where car transport is served are Dallas and Houston. Prices to ship from NYC to Dallas start from $0.60 to $0.70 per mile. Although it is a high rate, this rate maintains almost through the whole year. Houston, however, since it is farther south and off main routes, requires a higher fee of $0.65 to $0.75 per mile.

Like we said before, shipping out of Dallas or Houston to New York City is cheaper than shipping in, the trip back from Dallas start at $0.50 – $0.55. Houston, as it is a little farther south, starts at $0.50 as well but can raise up to $ 0.57 per mile. This is about $100 to $150 less than shipping north from The Big Apple to both destinations in The Lone Star state.


Blowing Cars into Chicago

Another very common car transport route is from the world’s capital in The Windy City. There are many people moving back and forth these two locations throughout the whole year. This allows prices to maintain the same throughout the whole year, which is a great advantage to many drivers running this route. Although it is a great route to travel, good pay and reasonable prices, the biggest threat to this route and to the almost set prices, is the harsh winter season. Unfortunately both states lie on the northern line of bad winters, icey roads, and high probabilities for equipment malfunction and accidents.

Taking winter aside, usual trips from NYC into Chicago and back start at $0.60 to $0.75 depending on the type of carrier you use and special accommodations.  Fortunately this price maintains reasonable throughout the whole year. Due to the fact that Chicago is a main point and the easiest point to get to in Illinois, there is great traffic in this route.

Once winter kicks in, the story changes a little as prices raise to $0.80 to $0.95 per mile. The large amounts of snowfall during this time blocks main roads, delays schedules and makes it very for drivers to get through. Also there is less availability as most drivers move to southern routes during winter, take time off, or simply are stuck in the weather.


Turning Apples to Emeralds and Back

Seattle to New York City and vice versa forms part of the famous cross country trips drivers thrive for, therefore pay for these jobs are high and maintain high through the whole year. Car transport service between these two points is very common, but like Chicago it is highly affected by harsh winter conditions. The benefit is that besides winter season, the rate per mile stays the same the whole year.

Prices to ship from Emerald city to NYC and back during spring, summer, and fall start at $0.35 to $.45 per mile. Driver availability is high and delivery time takes from 7 to 10 days depending on how many deliveries driver has on the way.  Although the rate is less compared to most routes, distance is longer, therefore prices will be higher. Between NYC and Seattle there are about 3000 miles, taking you get the best offer at $0.35 per mile, you would still be paying as a minimum $1050. To this you must add brokers fees if done with a broker, type of car, type of carrier, special accommodations and if delivery place is unreachable by carrier, there will be an extra charge for the inconvenient.

Taking a look at winter season, driver availability goes down as many drivers are unavailable for this route as they rather move down south during the season to avoid the snow. Unfortunately this is a trip that goes through all northern states; therefore prices go higher than most routes. Prices to ship between these two points in winter start at $0.45 and go up to $0.50 or higher.

Car Transport Service to and from NY

Car Transport Service to and from NY


 Extras to Add to Your Rate

As always, not everything is final and the rate per mile is not the only thing that affects your price. Unfortunately to these rates you must add the fee of an enclosed trailer or open trailer, locations for pickup and delivery, flexibility to ship, and type of car. Rates per mile are determined on regular 4 door sedans and start to escalate from there if it’s a bigger car or decrease if it’s a smaller 2 door coupe. Unfortunately, car transport is an expensive service, but if you know how to prepare yourself and your car for transport, you will land the best deals in the business.


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