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  • Car Transport for Angels
  • Cent per Mile Estimate
  • Gotham City Criminal Transport Prices
  • Blown into Chicago
  • Southern Magical Prices
  • Texas: The State with the “Friendly” Prices
  • The Big D: Driver’s Heaven
  • Space City: Driver’s Nightmare
  • Sin City Poker Face Prices
  • Keep in mind…


Shipping to and from Los Angeles vary in prices depending on the starting point, season and location, unfortunately car transport services almost never have set prices and no two routes are the same. Read the following article to have a breakdown of the different prices to ship to and from the City of Angels.


Los Angeles is the largest city in California and much more than simply palm trees, plastic surgery and highways. As many can recall, L.A. is a “city where dreams come true”, sort of the Disney World of not only adults but children as well. This large piece of land of great ethnic mix has become the mecca of entrepreneurs and aspiring actors, photographers, fashionistas and much more. Hundreds of people move in to this non-stop entertainment city a year to seek better opportunities and fulfill their dreams; which not to a surprise has given room for car transport service to be a much acclaimed service by La-la land seekers.

Car Transport from and to Los Angeles

Car Transport from and to Los Angeles


Car Transport for Angels

Every year hundreds of cars are transported in to the City of Angels from all over the nation, even worldwide, whether it’s because people are moving in to the city, buying a new car, or selling their vehicle to someone cross state, car transport services are available from almost anywhere in the city. Unfortunately, shipping in to L.A. is not the same as shipping out, no matter how similar the route is, the same type of car, not even the same exact route; prices will be different each time.

There are many factors that affect the prices to ship your car from or to Los Angeles. For instance gas prices affect greatly, as drivers need to cover their route to get to delivery points with no delays. The many different types of cars require different types of security measures to be properly strapped down on carriers. Not every location on the map is accessible by car, let alone by a huge 18 wheeler pulling 7 to 11 cars on its back.  Weather conditions affect roads completely, if it’s risky to travel in a regular 1500 lb car, imagine traveling in a 15000 lb truck.  All these factors are taken in account to estimate your price rate; therefore no route can have a set price.


Cent per Mile Estimate

In order to keep prices at a somewhat reasonable scale, car transport services are determined by a cent per mile rate. This facilitates the calculations for routes not only for customers but for drivers as well. With this rate, drivers can also set their minimum prices for each route. However, this rate mainly gives you a price based on distance only, to this you must add the extra fees such as closed carriers, large size cars, extra accommodations, expedite services and hard to reach locations. Fortunately for us, these extra fees can also be calculated by the cent per mile rate by adding from $0.15 to $0.30 to the base rate. For example if a route from Los Angeles gives you around $0.40 per mile, and to this you add enclosed carriers, a large SUV and an off road location, an extra $0.30 per mile is added. Let’s say the total distance is 1500 miles, your price to pay would be an estimate of $1050. Remember, season and weather also affect this price, and these fees are not necessarily added to the price per mile rate.

We will take a further look in to the car transport breakdown to ship to and from Los Angeles from six other major transportation empires.


Gotham City Criminal Transport Prices

Gotham City, where Batman constantly fights crime, also known as “The Big Apple”, is one of the most expensive routes to ship to and from Los Angeles, mainly due to the long distances. However, this issue hasn’t stopped this route from being one of the most acclaimed and transited throughout the year. Cross country trips are usually the best paying jobs, although this is not a rule, the long distances allow prices to go higher and offer a better pay rate. Unfortunately, transporting between these two cities is greatly affected by weather conditions, gas prices and season.

During high peak seasons, demand is higher and these routes can pay up to $0.80 per mile. In snowbird season, when people are looking to relocate south to pass the harsh winter conditions, it is easier to get drivers to take cars cross country  from NYC to L.A, than from L.A. to NYC, as drivers don’t want to get stuck in NYC once winter kicks in. Big snowfall make roads icey and risks grow higher for drivers, in order to compensate the risks; drivers must be offered a very appealing rate. Opposite to shipping west to Los Angeles during this season, prices although high, because of the big demand, are more reasonable.  To have an idea, the rate per mile to ship a car into NYC from La-la land as mentioned before could get as high as $0.80 during this high peak season, however to ship out from L.A. to NYC, prices can go down to $0.55 to $0.65 per mile.

This cross country trip demands high risks and long distances, therefore prices will always maintain higher than other routes. Unfortunately, not even Batman can save you from these prices.

Car Transport from and to Los Angeles

Car Transport from and to Los Angeles


Blown into Chicago

Another route that is very affected by weather conditions is the L.A. – Chicago and vice versa, as is all states of the northern part of the country. To this we have to add that Illinois is not the most accessible state for transportation, although this hasn’t stopped it from being the transportation point that it is. Like before, during high peaks while snowbirds are fleeing to the south, traveling into Chicago is more expensive than moving out. Driver’s are scared to get stuck in bad conditions and not be able to run their routes, and even worst if its Illinois, where it’s harder to get out of during this time.

Now if we talk rate wise, a trip from Angel City to Chicago during winter season will range between $0.55 to $0.60 per mile, opposed to shipping from Chicago to La-la land, where rates can range between $0.47 to $0.55. Fortunately these rates tend to lower once spring kicks in; maybe this could be the best time to ship a car as prices may get as low as $0.37 per mile. The only disadvantage is that driver availability is not very open, so you may find great prices, but wait longer than expected.

As always, all good things end, once summer kicks in, high prices raise again to ship either from Los Angeles to Chicago or back. Depending on gas prices and road conditions prices can escalate rapidly to $0.65 to $0.70 per mile.


Southern Magical Prices

As we mentioned before, cross country trips are very popular for car transport. The most common is Los Angeles into Miami, the Magic City. This route although expensive has a great advantage; since this route goes through all the southern states and highways, weather conditions are not a major factor during winter season. This allows drivers to be available throughout the whole year; also this gives room to being able to have same prices to ship from either starting point.

Starting off with winter season, prices to ship a car from L.A. to Miami or vice versa, can range anywhere from $0.30 to $0.40 per mile. This is because, there are many drivers doing this route, as most drivers that run north routes come down to avoid bad weather conditions and keep working until roads up north open up again. Since there are more drivers than actual jobs, prices keep low.

When winter season is over and summer starts, the demand for car transport raises as well as prices. During this time, car transport services from MIA to L.A. can range from $0.40 to $0.50. Although it doesn’t rise significantly as other routes, this is one of the longest routes, so prices will still be on the high side.


Texas: The State with the “Friendly” Prices

Texas is popular for many things, great country music, top notch universities, great food, Chuck Norris and many other things. Amongst all those things, the great car shipping locations; Texas has many great points to ship to and it’s a great entry port for cars coming over seas and across the border from Mexico. This might be one of the friendliest places as it is right in the middle of main southern routes. Two of the most transited locations are Dallas and Houston, of which we will give you the breakdown right ahead.


The Big D: Driver’s Heaven

It has always been cheaper to ship out of Texas than to the lone star state and Dallas is not an exception. The main advantage that Dallas has is it has the ports near and most routes that go cross country pass through this point, so driver availability is always high. Because of this, any driver passing by to Los Angeles will stop and load at Dallas. This also helps on the way back, shipping from L.A. to Florida for example, most drivers pass by Dallas to drop off and keep going through their way. However, the return to trip into Dallas is always more expensive, here is the breakdown:

Shipping from Dallas to L.A. can give you a well $0.35 per mile almost all year long. This is the great advantage of Texas, prices maintain almost the same through the whole year, although big increases in gas prices and weather conditions will affect greatly. If this happens, prices can raise up to $0.50 a mile. Now to ship back into Dallas, the rate per mile can start at $0.40 and raise up to $0.55 depending on extreme weather conditions or gas prices.


Space City: Driver’s Nightmare

Houston is a tougher point on the map, although it lies within the very well transited state of Texas, Houston lies down south and out of the way of main routes. Although driver availability is not as open as shipping from or to Dallas, Space City is a very popular route and prices tend to be about the same.

To ship out of Houston to Los Angeles, prices might be slightly higher as drivers must go down farther south from main routes, therefore price per mile may start at $0.40. Opposed to shipping to Houston from L.A. where the rate per mile start at $0.50, again gas prices and weather conditions will also affect prices. Unless very bad road conditions block drivers completely and nothing is moving, prices will increase for drivers to take the risk. Rates per mile can go up to $0.55 per mile if market prices raise as well.


Sin City Poker Face Prices

Shipping from La-la land into Las Vegas or vice versa is a very well transited route as many drivers pass to and from these two points coming from northern and southern routes. Besides this, many high rollers ship their cars from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and back for a weekend vacation on the Caesar’s Palace or for a shopping spree down Rodeo Drive. The rate per mile for this route is very high, however the distance is not as far, therefore prices maintain at a very reasonable price year long.

Shipping from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and vice versa start at anywhere from $1.00 to $1.50 per mile. This rate at a first glance seems very high, however the distance between both points is not very far, and for this reason drivers have been able t o raise the rate per mile and still keep it at reasonable prices for customers. Gas prices and weather conditions will affect the rate per mile as well, although driver availability is always very high.

Car Transport from and to Los Angeles

Car Transport from and to Los Angeles


Keep in mind…

To ship a car, you must only not take in account the rate per mile and how available a route is. Gas prices and weather conditions affect prices greatly as road conditions change and drivers are risking too much on the roads. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that rates per mile are set with regular mid-size sedans and start from there. Shipping a 4 door sedan is not the same as shipping a 4 door SUV. Weights are different and SUV’s occupy more space on a carrier, therefore less room to take more cars. Prices must compensate for that one less car, therefore prices to ship the SUV will be higher.

It’s good to have an idea of what the rate per mile is as these are market prices that are applied to your quote, simply sure you add all the extra factors that will be summed to your final price tag.


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