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  • In is Not the Same as Out
  • Shining Star in Space City
  • Magic to Space and Back
  • Houston, it’s getting Hotlanta in Here!
  • Prices Filled of Pride and Purpose
  • Angels flying into Space
  • Blown into Space City
  • From Space City to Emerald City and back
  • Local Prices from Space City to the Big D
  • Plan your Safe Trip to Houston and Back


Houston, Texas is known for many things; its great tourism, food, friendly people, and fast growing economy, reasons strong enough to attract hundreds of people from all over the nation and besides from driving and flying, new comers’ vehicles and many others, need to be transported.

Car Transport Service To and From Houston

Car Transport Service To and From Houston

Houston, also known as “Space City”, has been one of the most fast growing cities in the US. It is a great economic power and provides so much diversity for people from all over the world.  Houston provides base for 92 countries that have consular offices located there, more than half of the hundred non-US based companies have presence in the city as well. The Houston port is re-known internationally and is the main port for the United States; this has given room for many opportunists to move into this great mecca or even move out for new opportunities.  Part of moving in or out of Houston implies getting your transport here unless you plan to buy or run on the city transport system. Because of the large amount of movement happening through this point, car transport services have become one of the fastest growing industries in the area.

In is Not the Same as Out

Although Houston provides a lot of movement for car transport services, shipping prices vary from $150 to $300 more or less depending if you’re moving in to Houston or moving out to another location. Unfortunately there are more cars to move in than to move out and prices vary significantly. Fortunately Houston is a very popular location and shipping from many points have become main routes with great transit throughout the whole year.  Availability is almost never a problem when shipping in to Houston, however the story changes when shipping out, as there is not as much movement.

Shining Star in Space City

One of the perks of car transport service to and from Houston is the location. Since it lies at the southern point of the country, weather conditions are yearlong pleasant, not only for locals to indulge in, but for drivers too, as road conditions are great. Although Houston is affected by bad weather conditions, no harsh winters or big snowfalls affect the city, nor in that case the state, during winter season.  This allows drivers to be constantly riding main routes and moving cars in and out the city throughout the whole year. Driver availability is high and delays on deliveries are very unlikely, unless delivery point is at a northern city. Likewise, if start point is from the northern part of the country to Houston, winter seasons are severe and may imply delays until driver reaches better road conditions.

Magic to Space and Back

Like Houston, the magical city of Miami has a great location and has become a car transport main point as important as Houston due to the same reasons.  Due to this, transport between points is very common and a very well transited route yearlong. Because no severe weather conditions affect any point of the route, driver availability is always high, prices maintain reasonable and delivery times hardly have any delays.

Still, no matter how popular both locations are, in the car transport world, Texas is known for its “cheap shipping out” prices. Shipping a car from Miami into Houston will range from $200 – $300 more than to ship the other way around. The benefit is that these routes are easy to pick up not only for drivers that specifically drive this route, but for drivers going cross country as well.

Now if we break down to approximate prices, shipping from Miami to Houston is around $600 – $700, however keep in mind that make and model, time flexibility and special conditions will raise prices. On the contrary, prices to ship out from Houston to Miami start from $300 – $400. Again, special accommodations require extra fees.

Car Transport Service To and From Houston

Car Transport Service To and From Houston

Houston, it’s getting Hotlanta in Here!

Atlanta, GA has more to offer than being home to Martin Luther King Jr., gospel music, and rappers. It has an extensive arts and entertainment mecca that has become home to many artists and singers. It provides a fast growing economy that attracts many year by year. Because of the great potential this city offers, the fast growing population have moved in and moved out hundreds of cars through the years either for transportation reasons or business. One of the main places where cars come from is the Houston port and the city itself.

This has become a very common route and easy to do as availability is always high and weather conditions barely affect the roads between both locations.  Another advantage, as shipping from Miami, is that cross country trips from or to Atlanta, can also serve this route as drivers pass through these points.

Price wise, shipping from Atlanta to Houston, prices range from $600 – $700. Make, model, time flexibility, and special accommodations will raise prices, however this is the price range you will find prices at. The return trip is cheaper, starting at $300 – $400.

Prices Filled of Pride and Purpose

The City of Pride and Purpose, better known as Richmond, VA, has become a popular shipping route from Houston and back. Although winter season affects this area greatly, the route still maintains open and popular. The only disadvantage is that driver availability decreases and delivery times become longer.  Customers must plan with time and have patience as delays and accidents are more probable under these conditions.

Regardless prices maintain reasonable throughout the whole year, except for summer where you can see an increase from $100 – $200 on prices like in most routes nationwide.

Prices to ship from Houston to Richmond start at $500 – $600 and the way back starts at $800 – $900. Summer adds an increase on both routes so prices from Houston to Richmond would start at $600 – $800 and to ship back to Houston they start at $900 – $1100.

Although prices in summer seem steep, it is not a rule; most likely regular prices will apply depending on gas prices and market rates; also depending on the type of car, time flexibility and special accommodations.

Angels flying into Space

Like Miami, Los Angeles has a great advantage: a port. Shipping between Houston port and LA port has become very popular as cars come from all over the world on the west coast, even from Alaska and Hawaii, and also cars come from the Gulf from South America, Europe and Africa. This movement has created great popularity in this route and it has made it a great catch for many drivers.

This has also allowed it to maintain its process reasonable throughout the whole year with almost no increase. Although shipping out of Houston is cheaper in any other route, Shipping to LA is about the same as shipping in to Houston.

Prices to ship from Houston to LA and back start at $600 – $700 all year long. Summer may increase the price by $100 – $150 depending on gas prices and market price.

Because it lies on the southern line of states, winter is not an issue on this trip and winter prices do not affect the route.

Blown into Space City

Car transport from Houston to Chicago and back is also another major route that serves customers regularly. Chicago is the main point in Illinois; therefore road conditions are not that friendly beyond this point. Chicago is the meeting point for any customer shipping to anywhere in Illinois. This may be seen as an advantage, as it has created great movement in business to Chicago, however it also stands as a disadvantage as not everyone moving into or out of Illinois are stationed in Chicago, and fees to get out of here or to here in order to book a service may be higher than expected.

Regardless of the location, Chicago Houston and back offers great availability of drivers and reasonable prices. One major disadvantage of this route is winter and the bad weather conditions. Although service is still offered during the season, driver availability is low and delivery times are longer. Prices also bump up due to the season as drivers have to cover for their trips and other expenses harsh winters account for.

Now speaking of prices, shipping from Chicago to Houston, costs start at $600 – $700 all inclusive. As usual, to ship out of Houston prices go down; prices to ship back to Chicago start at $500 – $600 all inclusive. Like mentioned before, winter raises this prices as drivers need to account for more things, the price raises approximately by $100 for both ways.

From Space City to Emerald City and back

Although Seattle lies within the lines of the northwestern lines of the country, car transport services have managed to grow rapidly in this route. Regardless of the distance and bad weather conditions, great transit moves from Seattle to Houston and back.

Due to the location of where Seattle lies, this route is based purely on season than on market rates.  Summer season bring great road conditions and driver availability is high. Most customers take advantage of this time to ship to avoid delays and high costs. Snowbird season also affects this route greatly as many customers flee the harsh winters down south. Houston is one of the destinations many people choose, making this route popular. Once winter is over, snowbirds return giving great popularity to this route. Although popular, once winter kicks in, delays are very common and sometimes service is impossible due to great snow fall and very bad road conditions.

Pricewise, shipping from Seattle to Houston and back, fees are relatively similar on both ways. Starting from $800 – $1000 during winter, and going to $700 to $900 during summer. Customers must take in account that delivery times are longer during winter, and extra fees may be charged in order for drivers to make through the snow and back.

Local Prices from Space City to the Big D

Car transport from Houston to Dallas and back is one of the easiest routes, and although they are two cities within the same state and relatively close to each other, it has great acclaim and it is much transited. In order to consider a transport a local towing service, usually distances don’t go much farther than same county locations, however transport between Dallas and Houston is considered one. There is approximately 300 miles between both cities and local towing companies are the most acclaimed for these routes.

Weather and market rates barely affect this route and driver availability is always high. Delays are not very common in this service and delivery times may happen on the same day or next day. Unless major inconvenients occur, such as flat tires or accidents, transporting between Dallas and Houston would be the most hassle free route.

If we go into numbers, prices are relatively the same all yearlong and they stay very reasonable. Prices now mainly depend on the size of the vehicle and type of car. Extra accommodations take higher fees. However, any standard car, with no extra needs and open carrier will cost from $200 – $300 to and from Houston.

Car Transport Service To and From Houston

Car Transport Service To and From Houston

Plan your Safe Trip to Houston and Back

As you can see, car transport from Houston and back is one of the most common end and start points in the business. Many cars are moved to Houston throughout the year, weather if it’s from relocation from another state, selling a car, or going to the port, Houston attracts great movement for this service. Although moving out of Houston is not as common, the service is still popular and great prices are offered.

Although this is a common and mostly hassle free route, make sure you plan ahead when shipping from or to northern states as weather conditions can be avoided. If shipping during winter season, have flexibility as delays are very possible due to the road conditions, this not only will affect you but the driver as well, as not only you as a customer has a schedule, drivers also have a schedule to stick to and any delay will affect their routes.

Make sure you offer complete details for your car and the type of accommodations you need. Every car is unique and in order to transport them safely, they need to be properly placed on to each carrier. Remember prices are not set, and depending on size, make, model and special requests, prices can raise.

Once you have all these points taken care of, strap it up and have a safe delivery!



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