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AA Car Transport Online Calculator

When you are looking to ship a car, one of the most tedious jobs is looking for the best price. You will find yourself researching hundreds of companies, calling a hundred more, and getting prices all the way from suspiciously low to impossibly high. This can be a great hassle, especially if you are handling other things at the same time.

Car Transport Online Calculator

With technology now, it is very easy to get online quotes with just a few details, however one of the most important things you need to beware are lead companies. These companies just as their name’s state it, are companies that gather leads to later sell to other companies. Your information travels nationwide to hundreds of companies and next thing you know, you’ll received 10 e-mails per day with spam and  15 calls a week with aggressive sales man that will push and push until you say yes only to get rid of them. You will later find out that having said yes was the step that made you pass through the door of excuses and disillusion.

In order to differentiate a leads company from an actual carrier, you first must see if the leads company offers contact information, if the website describes the type of services or any proof that it has been certified by the DOT (Department of Transportation). Leads company usually only have one page and a box where you submit your info to get “10 instant quotes!” If you have no problem with receiving non-stop calls and spamming your e-mail, go for it, however, we know this is not the case, at least not for most.

Because we have gone through the process and seen how some of our customers go through this hassle, we have decided to offer all the tools we can to make their lives easier. We at AA Car Transport offer a FREE online calculator that only requests details regarding the transportation, not your personal information. If you are interested in the quote, simply call in or e-mail us and we will provide all the details you need.

Using a free online calculator provides a fast, easy and safe quote tour customers that will also help them plan their transportation as far as budgets and dates.  However, it is very important for our customers to understand the difference between an estimate and an actual quote. When information is submitted through the website, the calculator will base its self on mileage only, therefore other considerations need to be taken.  We attempt to provide the closest price possible to your details, however there a few factors that need to added to the estimate provided.

There are at least 4 main factors that can change your estimate significantly, therefore it is very important you provide details as exact as possible when requesting a free online quote, after you receive the number, it is recommended you call and check with an agent to make sure the details you need match the price quoted, however, unless no specific needs are required, online calculations close to accurate.

Locations. Where your car is located and where you are planning to ship it is of great importance to estimate a price, even though online calculators are based on mileage, it is not the same if the address your car needs to be picked up or delivered is 300 miles off the nearest main road as if it is within the route.  Locations off main route are considered detours for drivers, and even though not impossible, it will cause an extra fee. It may be only 700 miles, but if 400 of those miles are in country away from main routes, the quote will be higher. Locations across bridges towards islands like Staten Island incur in a higher fee as tolls need to be paid.

Model, Make, Modifications. Many customers when calling and submitting online calculations, put a make and model for a car thinking it doesn’t matter what type of car they end up shipping as long as it a “regular car”. Very important, there no regular cars in the transport world; a 2007 Honda Accord, is not the same as a 2007 Honda Accord with a spoiler and 20 in rims. Yes, both are the same make and model, but the modifications done to one, make a complete different car when it comes to mounting it on the carrier and securing it. A strap that fits a regular tire may not fit on a 20 in rim. Another example, if in an online calculator you submit an estimate for a crew cab pickup and at the moment of pickup you show up with 4 doors, dually, the price will totally change as it is a wider car, heavier and longer. Especially if your car has modifications, it is very important that you call and make your agent aware in order to get an accurate estimate and proper transportation.

Car Transport Online Calculator

Dates. Car Transport is also regulated by seasons, especially northern routes as they are severely affected by snow fall and bad road conditions. Shipping a car in the northern states during summer is certainly not the same as shipping a car in the winter. If you requested an estimate to ship to New York during June, and call to book in December, don’t expect the estimate to be the same, conditions have changed, therefore prices will too.

AA Car Transport’s Online Calculator has been made as accurate as possible to provide estimates to our customers and help them work out their budget; however this is only an estimate. We strongly recommend they call our agents with the estimate received and provide all details to make sure no extra detail will increase prices, as once again, online calculators are based on mileage only.

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