Edward Montesino’s (names and places have been modified to protect the person’s identity) dream car was a 1959 Chevrolet Impala his dad used to own when he was little. The car was sold a while ago in order to get a bigger car for all his family to fit in, but Edward never forgot that car. Thanks to technology and the Internet market he found a guy that was selling the very same car for a really good price; this was a deal he could not pass.

Recently he contacted us to get a quote to ship his 1959 Impala from this guy’s address to him. During our conversations he seemed a little skeptical about the deal he was doing with this person and didn’t want to provide any payment or credit card information until car was delivered. Nevertheless he finalized his deal for the car and booked the transport.The car was scheduled to be towed from the former owner’s garage to a car shop and then shipped to Edward. Everything was running smoothly and pick up was set up for Monday afternoon.

We received a call from the driver stating that when he arrived to location, there was no car or such contact person, actually the address provided was for an empty house that was abandoned. We immediately called Edward to inform him, where he started calling this guy to the number they had been talking for the past days to seal the deal, with no luck.

Apparently this turned out to be an internet car buying scam to get people to transfer funds into an account and then disappear. We recommend to all our internet buying customers to make sure you know who you are dealing with. Unless you are not buying from a trusted site, do not expose yourself to be robbed as internet scams are very easy to give in to and the only person loosing will be yourself.

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