Car and Motorcycle Shipping in Ohio

Car and Motorcycle Shipping in OhioEssential in the Economic Development in the United States

Car shipping business is defined as the provision of transport for vehicles, cooperate or individual clients, or from one point to another. This can be a transportation of vehicles such as cars and motorcycle, from the seller to the buyer. It can also include transportation from one state to another. Like other industry, car transportation business plays an important role in the development and growth of the economy in the United States.

The car transportation business can be divided into four main categories: road transportation, air transportation, rail transportation, and freight transportation. The consumer population in the US constitutes the large portion of the car market in the world, which is continuously growing.

Car Shipping in Ohio

Known as the best place where you can raise a family, Ohio is also a home to research, business or culture. Whether a business person, a student, or a homeowner, perhaps one day you will need to move a car. Car transportation may seem to be a simple task. However, it is not understand fully. With the proper and right information about the service and the pricing, a talk with a car shipping professional can make it a lot easier.

Car shipping between the states often needs an auto transport company for the car to be shipped. These car shipping professionals have state license and are monitored by consumer agencies. Most of the car transport firms are safe and professionals. However, it is still best that you are sure before handling your valuable car to a vehicle transporting company which is new to you. Safe transportation of vehicle can be achieved if you review the vehicle shipping quotes, get references, request relevant information, and select the best car carrier best for you and your needs. You must follow some basic guidelines so that the car shipping will go smoothly as planned. Shipping a car safely is what your selected car transport company in the state will do every day.

The car transport in Ohio is providing door to door car shipping in most of the cities in the State including Columbus to Portland or Cleveland to Cincinnati. Car transporting companies in the state are working with experienced drivers and their trucks are licensed and bonded with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Before shipping your vehicles, the car transporting companies will verify the insurance of the drivers and bond with the DOT. The driver’s history is also being checked to ensure that they have the proper experience and coverage so that your vehicle will arrive on time with good condition.

Here are 10 Auto Transportation Tips that you need to consider:

  1. Remove your personal belongings.
  2. Inspect your car before and after its shipping.
  3. Check if shipping coverage is being provided by your personal insurance.
  4. Make sure that your car is operational and if not, you must inform your car carrier.
  5. Drain your car fuel before shipping.
  6. Establish the car shipping price before shipping.
  7. Carefully read the shipping contract.
  8. Establish the dates for pick-up and delivery.
  9. Check at least three car shipping companies before selecting one.
  10. Request for references from the car shipping company that you selected.

Motorcycle Shipping

There are differences between motorcycle shipping and car shipping. Motorcycle is different with car when it comes to design, car has for wheels for additional stability, whereas, motorcycle has two wheels and a stand. When it comes to shipping, motorcycles take up the same space as the car where it needs to be transported.

The cost of motorcycle shipping depends on two factors: the distance and the services of the shipping companies that you intend to use. A shipping company has various services has to offer, and it will be better to use a specialist motorcycle shipping company than a car shipping company which also offers motorcycle shipping as an added service. The more distance you are traveling, the more service will be required and the higher price it will have. However, a discount can be offer to you by the right shipping company if you will be transporting one or more motorcycle.

Is it Safe to Ship Motorcycle?

A motorcycle shipping company with good reputation knows what they are doing with your motorbike. Many of these shipping companies have motorcycle enthusiasts and owners who will drive the carriers to ensure the safety of your motorcycle. These shipping companies include insurance quote and will do their best that nothing will go wrong as they ship your motorcycle.

Motorcycle shipping companies offer professional door-to-door shipping services from and to different cities in Ohio, in bonded and insured trucks that are enclosed.  The motorcycles are loaded in a specially designed pallet and are securely strapped with two soft tie-downs to protect the fragile parts of the bike.  Your motorcycle will be loaded in the truck with the use f a powered lift gate. Drivers of motorcycle shipping companies are also professionals who are trained in picking up and delivering the motorcycles.

COPART and IAA Auctions

Copart and the IAA are leading online vehicle auctions which are picking up vehicles from residential and commercial. COPART is a leading provider of vehicle auction online and re-marketing services in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. It provides automobile sellers with a wide range of services in selling and processing clean and salvaged vehicles in the Internet with the use of its patented virtual auction technology.

Most of Copart’s buyers are dealers of used vehicles, re-builders, exporters, and dismantlers at some public facilities. While the sellers of vehicles at Copart auctions are insurance companies, banks, and financial institutions and government agencies among others.

Insurance Auto Auctions Inc or IAA on the other hand, is also one of the leading salvage auto auctions in North America. It focuses exclusively on automotive total-loss industry and more than 150 facilities owned by corporations in the United States and Canada. It provides buyers and sellers with the best solution in acquiring total-loss, fleet lease, and collision damaged rental vehicles, as well as recovered theft.

IAA has a hybrid model of auctioning which includes the Internet, live, and proxy bidding. With more than 25 years in the vehicle auction industry, IAA holds the most comprehensive and organized warehouse for automotive total loss auction.

In general, the vehicle shipping industry is said to be the largest in the United States. It is essential in the economy of the country, because it provides employment in the U.S. both directly and indirectly.

Car and Motorcycle Shipping in Ohio

Car and Motorcycle Shipping in Ohio